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The Lichen_ART project




Chloe Brenan

Chloe Brenan’s practice is concerned with modes of attention, emphasising our somatic capacity to tacitly experience, infer and intuit the world’s patternings and murmurings. Through a combination of moving image, photography, sound, print, installation and text she explores the
porosity of the body and its indivisibility from its environment, particularly as it is contextualised against the unstable backdrop of the climate crisis. She is interested in how forces are registered and measured - both experientially and materially - in human and non-human bodies, exploring the possibilities of
different and expanded modes of sense-making and attunement. Informed by feminist and new materialist epistemologies works often involve close and careful examinations of the poetic haptics of daily life, processes on the edge of perception that call into question boundaries between bodies, intimate spaces and the wider environment.


For more information on Chloe's work and ongoing project check here

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