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Corporate Wellness 

We are providing wellness services for your company, team or small group of colleagues. A walk or a hike can be organised in Dublin or the Wicklow Mountains. Forest bathing experiences can be organised in urban green spaces (parks) or in the forests of Co. Dublin or Wicklow. The two experiences could be mixed and matched with lectures on the benefits of nature on our well-being.

In collaboration with Nature Tails and Trails, we can organise an event for a bigger group, incorporating any outdoors activity.

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing, from Japanese "shinrin yoku" is a preventive medicine practice aimed at immersing your senses in the atmosphere of the forest. The experience is proven to reduce stress levels and lower anxiety, boost the immune system and improve well-being and creativity. After the session, you will feel a deeper connection to your team and improve your communication, self-confidence, and flexibility skills while gaining the ability to calm your busy mind. 

Forest Bathing sessions can be organised in the Nature Reserves (e.g. Vale of Clara, Co.Wicklow) or in urban areas - like parts or botanical gardens, like Trinity College Botanic Gardens. 


Nature Walks


Mindful Nature Walks can be organised for small and bigger groups in the woodlands and mountains of Co. Wicklow and Co. Dublin, depending on the group's needs.

The walk aims at noticing natural wonders, stopping and taking the time to experience the benefits of outdoor activity.


Coming soon.


See you on the trail or around the trees - Kamila

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