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Corporate wellness 

Nature connectedness is the extent to which people include nature as part of their identity. Research suggests that people experiencing higher nature connections are usually happier and more likely to lead more balanced and healthier lives. The study showed that spending 120 minutes per week in natural environments is enough to do just that (1).

At Nature To Go we work towards bringing people back to the natural world by using the five pathways of nature connection: senses, emotions, beauty, meaning and compassion.

Below we present some of the possible activities that you can try out with your colleagues to feel more connected with nature and feel at your best!

Senses Pathway

Forest Bathing (~2hrs)


Forest bathing is a nature connection practice and comes from Japan and means “immersing your senses in the atmosphere of the forest”. The experience aims at slowing down, improving mood and providing deep relaxation by incorporating breathing exercises, mindfulness and forest discovery sessions. The session is guided by a certified Forest Bathing Guide.


Beauty Pathway

Hiking (~2-4hrs)

The hike is guided by experienced first aider and certified Lowland Leader – Kamila, botanist, biologist and a founder of Nature To Go.  The walk is enhanced with information on local flora & fauna and local history and beliefs. 


Compassion Pathway

Upland Clean Up (~1-2hrs)

The forested area in the uplands needs volunteers for a clean-up!  With the help of Pure-Mile equipment (bags, gloves and rubbish pickers) rubbish picking will be a meaningful way of ‘giving back to nature’.


See you on the trail or around the trees - Kamila

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