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Human-Nature Relationship

In recent years, more and more of us forget that we are part of Nature. This is reflected in our bodies and psyche. We, as a species, have been inextricably linked with nature for millennia. We lived according to its rhythm and our mental functions adapted to its pace. And suddenly there was a change! We left the neighbourhood of nature for the sake of cities - and there, it immediately turned out that some things cannot be replaced, cheated.

Research shows that the lack of contact with nature has many manifestations and all of them are destructive for us. It all comes from the simple truth about us and our roots. It is nature that supports us, allows us to access many emotions and understand other people or things and changes taking place. We feel and know that it is medicine for the body and spirit. 


Our goal is to show our customers that nature plays an essential role in our well-being. We want to offer a safe nature space and make them draw inspiration for everyday practice. The guide only opens the door to the benefits of spending time in forests, fields, hills and mountains. The guide is a companion to the experience. Nature does the healing

Native Oak forest in Vale of Clara Nature Reserve in Co.Wicklow, Ireland

Meet The Team

Dr Kamila Kwasniewska

I am a passionate plant scientist interested in nature and its beauty!
My passion for biology allowed me to work amongst the most outstanding scientists and learn from the best.
I am happy to share my knowledge, Citizen Science and public participation obtained during my Postdoctoral Research practice with anyone interested in the natural world, especially plant and environmental science.


B.A. Microbiology, University of Wroclaw

MSc. Botany, University of Wroclaw

Postgraduate Diploma in Molecular Biology, University of Krakow

PhD Plant Developmental Genetics, Trinity College Dublin

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Plant scientist, Kamila Kwasniewska, placing difussion tube on a tree to mesure air quality in the forest

My passion for the great outdoors began early in my childhood. I was fortunate to live close to a forest, climb trees and take trips to the mountains. This early exposure to nature gave me a true purpose in life, and hence I have a profound connection to nature and feel part of it!
I feel the best amongst nature, and through my work, I would like to invite others to pay more attention to our natural world and its meaning in our everyday lives

                Forest Bathing Guide 

Lowland Leader 

Mountain Training

First Aid Responder 

Child First - TUSLA

Hiker with a dog on a lead in Wicklow Mountains, Ireland


Originally from Biella, a town at the foothill of the Alps in Italy, Anthea is passionate about connecting people to the environment through storytelling and bringing people outside into nature.


Nature Tales and Trails
Anthea Lacchia from Nature Tales and Trails

A geologist by training, she is an experienced science communicator and loves engaging people with all aspects of landscape, from fossils to birds, wildflowers, and simply walking.


Anthea has hiked widely in the mountains across Ireland, the UK, and the Italian Alps and is currently a trainee mountain leader.

She also works as a science and nature writer and journalist. ​

Anthea is the founder and owner of Nature Tales & Trails

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Anthea Lacchia is an experienced geologist and naturalist
Collaboration between Nature To Go and Nature Tales and Trails

In collaboration with Anthea from Nature Tales and Trails, we offer nature connection services for groups and individual participants:

  • "Forest pages" - creative writing and forest bathing,

  • "Notice Nature" - mindful nature walks with time to reflect on the beauty of the natural world,

  • Corporate Wellness for organized groups - a full-day immersive nature experience including forest bathing, hiking, upland clean-up and nature discovery. The session is tailored to the needs of the group. 


Jakub Najdzionek

Jakub is a volunteer with Nature To Go, learning all aspects of running a small nature-based enterprise.

Jakub is interested in hiking, travelling, science, photography, music and technology. He lives in Dublin, has roots in Poland and is currently in Transition Year.

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Jakub Najdzionek - volunteer

Marta Jadwiszczak

Marta is a plant biologist by training and an enthusiast of the great outdoors. She obtained her B.A. from Trinity College Dublin and continued with an M.Phil from the University of Edinburgh. In her spare time, she likes to combine her passion for plants with science education and mentoring. Marta joined the team because she strongly believes in the healing and relaxing power of nature and wants to spread the word and show people how to live healthy lives.

Read her latest post on ways to boost your well-being in our Blog

Marta Jadwiszczak volunteer working on blog posts for Nature To Go
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