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At Nature To Go, we work towards bringing people back to the natural world using the five pathways of nature connection:

  • senses

  • emotions

  • beauty

  • meaning

  • compassion

You can experience nature through all your senses, by observing, slowing down and focusing on each detail around you.

The immersive, multisensory experience of Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku), will help you to bring attention to all the senses, improve your well-being and boost your immune system. After the session, you will feel relaxed, calm and connected to the natural world.

Nature walks are designed to inform you about native tree species, native animals and the importance of biodiversity to our happiness.

During Nature Connection Workshops at Trinity College Botanic Gardens, you will focus on exploring your intrinsic connectedness to Nature through the creative art of flower arranging - ikebana.

Our goal is to provide a nature-based, holistic approach to strengthening people's connection to Nature by allowing for a deeper understanding of the natural world and its wonders.

Five pathways to nature connection - senses, emotions, meaning, compassion, beauty
Forest Bathing - immersing the senses in the atmosphere of the forest
Forest Trees
Forests are helping people to relax and reduce stress

Why is nature connectedness essential?

A study of children’s environmental education found that environmental knowledge explained 2% of ecological behaviour. In contrast, Nature connectedness explained 69% of the same types of conduct in the future (Otto & Piccini 2017).

It means that it is crucial not only to teach children about nature but also to let them spend time outdoors, where they can explore and discover the natural world by themselves.

Moreover, scientists measured nature connectedness across the lifespan and described a level we must reach for a sustainable future. Children and adults aged > 30 tend to have a stronger nature connection compared with teenage children and young adults.

There is still space for improvement, and we can all take part in making our behaviours more nature-friendly. The Forest Discovery Sessions for the whole family will bring the child's nature to people of all ages.

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The level of nature connectedness in children and adults in UK
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