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Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 Protocol

All events are outdoor activities. Hence the contraction and transmission of the virus are at a minimal level. We are monitoring the situation and complying with the governmental guidelines. We want to create a safe environment for all the guests, so we ask participants not to attend the event if feeling unwell. Our guides are fully vaccinated but will not be wearing a mask during the walk. We do not require mask-wearing while in a group but recommend distancing. 


Our events will go ahead of any weather circumstances and conditions, which means we may encounter some wet conditions. The walk might be cancelled only if there is a MET Eireann weather warning. If the walk/hike is cancelled due to bad weather, we will notify you as soon as possible and reschedule the event. If no suitable dates are convenient for you, we will refund the fee.

How to prepare?

Appropriate clothing is necessary.

Please wear shoes that fully cover your feet and ankles. A warm and waterproof jacket is necessary for the Forest Bathing Experience as we will walk slower than usual. There will be moments of standing and sitting, regardless of the weather conditions. You may take water or snacks and any medication or additional walking equipment if you need it. The guide will carry a waterproof mat for you to sit on.

What to expect?

All tours are conducted in nature. Please, be aware of where you place your feet, as there might be possible risks, like leaves, branches or tree roots. The ground may be uneven, slippery, wet or muddy. Hanging branches and fallen trees might cause a potential risk, so be aware of anything around and above you. All the conditions mentioned earlier might cause falls, trips or injuries. Please, use sunscreen (when needed) and insect repellent when entering the forested area.

Forest Bathing Risks

Forest Bathing involves breathing deeply, walking slowly through a wooded area, standing and sitting/lying. Potential physical risks of doing Forest Bathing are associated with walking and breathing exercises, and certain natural hazards (e.g. roots, branches). Forest bathing can be an emotional activity; you may find that certain emotions surface during the exercises. For example your understanding of yourself or your relationship with the environment. This is a normal reaction and happens when our bodies relax and release tension.


The leader may alter the day's itinerary at their own discretion to ensure the safety, well-being and welfare of the group. This is not grounds for refunds. The leader may choose to exclude any participant from the activity who does not comply with health and safety instructions or on health or fitness grounds. The leader may also exclude someone from the event if they believe they may jeopardise the safety of the rest of the group.

Nature To Go is insured for public liability. Our insurance does not cover any personal accident incurred by any client, and we recommend that you take out personal accident insurance.

The leader will take every step to ensure the safety and welfare of the group and third parties but participants should be aware that walks and hikes carry a risk of injury or even death.

Medical conditions

If you have any medical conditions, are on prescribed medication, or have any concerns, please, see your GP and inform them about attending one of our tours or events. If you currently experience or have a history of serious health issues (including mental health issues, operations, medical procedures, seizures, implants, special needs, etc.), please inform us to look after you properly. There will be a natural tea gathering during most of our tours and events. If you have any allergies, please let me know in advance. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we cannot accommodate people with walking disabilities at this moment.


Most of our tours and events are suitable for children, and children need to be supervised by a parent.     

The Forest Bathing experience is suitable for juveniles above 13 years of age. Family Forest Discovery Sessions are suitable for families with children above six years of age.

Our Forest-related sessions are meditative and quiet, so please remember that no excessive noise will be permitted.


Pets on a leash are only permitted during the Family Forest Discovery Sessions. Please keep in mind that you are obliged to rules while entering Nature Reserve.


We will occasionally use photographs taken during events in promotional material, on our website, and on social media. If you do not wish your picture to be used in this way please just let us know at any point before or during the event.

Leave no Trace

All of our events follow strict Leave No Trace principles. In some of our events, we also do not allow single-use plastics in line with National Park guidelines. For further information on Leave no Trace, see

Data Protection

The personal information requested by us at the time of booking plus any subsequent information is held in its original form on our computers. The information is required to assist the company, employees and sub-contractors to deliver the events. By providing us with the information to process your booking, you agree that the information can be kept and accessed by authorised company personnel. Contact details will be used to advise you of future offers either by post or email. If you do not wish to receive future mailings just let us know.

Refund Policy

Tickets are booked and paid for in advance, online. Please, note that all ticket sales are final. Unfortunately, due to small group numbers and the character of the events, we do not allow cancellations. If you cannot attend the event that you’ve booked, you can reschedule your experience or transfer your ticket to somebody else. No refunds will be issued in case of non-attendance. 

If we have to cancel the event for any reason, you will be offered an alternative date or, if a suitable date cannot be arranged, a full refund.

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