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Scientific consultancy and Education

As a botanist, molecular biologist and microbiologist with lecturing, plant research and citizen science experience, I am open to collaboration with NGOs, schools, private companies, and artists for scientific consultancy and educational events. 


Lichen_ART project

I worked as a scientific consultant and researcher on the art-science collaborative project funded by the Arts Council Ireland to Chloe Brenan, artist and lecturer at the National College of Arts and Design. The project is based on observation of lichens – bioindicators of air pollution. The project will research how art can attune our attention to subtle changes in our environment and can cultivate observation, instincts and insights development through our unique position within the natural world and how these can complement scientific understanding of climate change and our biodiversity crisis, offering alternative ways of engagement. 


The Globe Ireland

Get in touch if you wish to collaborate:

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