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Scientific consultancy and Education

As a forest bathing guide, botanist, molecular biologist and microbiologist with lecturing, plant research and citizen science experience, I am open to collaboration with NGOs, schools, private companies, and artists for scientific consultancy, forest bathing tail design and educational events. 

Development of the forest bathing trail 

Yew Point at Hodson Bay Hotel

I had the opportunity to design and develop the forest bathing trail at Yew Point, Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone.


"Yew Point is a magnificent 140 acres peninsula of unspoiled meadowland and native woodlands adjacent to the Hotel which is surrounded by the lake".

During the process, I had the chance to visit the site for evaluation to make sure the astonishing nature is kept in its wild state, allowing visitors to enjoy the best of the surroundings - the woodlands and the lake shore.  


Site evaluation for forest bathing trails

Glenfarne Woods
County Leitrim

In July 2023, I was delighted to visit the site for an evaluation of the usefulness of this place for forest bathing and sit spot in three distinctive areas of the astonishing and peaceful place.


"The Glenfarne Demesne lies on the shores of Lough MacNean. The lake marks the border between the counties of Leitrim, Cavan and Fermanagh.

A demesne refers to the portion of land that was retained by the lord of the manor for his own personal occupation and the Glenfarne Demesne was once part of the Tottenham Estate, which in the 1870s included over 14,500 acres of land in Leitrim."


Lichen_ART project

I had the opportunity to work as a scientific consultant and researcher on the art-science collaborative project funded by the Arts Council Ireland to Chloe Brenan, artist and lecturer at the National College of Arts and Design. The project is based on the observation of lichens – bioindicators of air pollution. The project will research how art can attune our attention to subtle changes in our environment and can cultivate observation, instincts and insights developedt through our unique position within the natural world and how these can complement scientific understanding of climate change and our biodiversity crisis, offering alternative ways of engagement. 


Educational services

The Globe Ireland

The Globe Ireland - Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment is a part of a worldwide citizen science organisation, supported by NASA, that allows school children to engage with scientific observation of the environment.

During the collaboration, I had the chance to work on the Tree Campain, delivering workshops for teachers and during the Clean Air campaign, involving school children with the Lichen_ART project.

Get in touch if you wish to collaborate:

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