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At Nature To Go we are dedicated to helping people reconnect with the natural world. Our goal is to help people learn how to spend time in nature, be creative, and enjoy the wellbeing that comes with being in nature. We offer forest bathing, creativity and nature connection workshops, and much more.

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the joy of connecting with nature and the positive effects it can have on their mental and physical wellbeing. We strive to provide unique and enriching outdoor experiences for everyone.



Patricia N.

I did a forest bathing workshop with Kamila last week. She made our little group feel immediately welcome bringing us her own herbal tea and vegan treats! It was wonderful to take some time to reconnect with nature and with our own inner nature. In our chaotic fractured world, a day with Kamila brings peace and harmony.
I’ll be back!

Pamela C.

A Lovely way to spend a few hours walking in quiet nature and breathing in the fresh air not to mention maybe learning a few interesting facts. The experience was very relaxed and set at a gentle easy pace. The facilitator was excellent and you could feel her passion for nature. Definitely worth going.

Shaun D.

Had a great Forest bathing experience. It is so nice to have a few hours where you are told to slow down, breath deeply and just take in all the experiences around you. I would recommend it to anyone even if you are an experienced hiker it will make you look at the woods in a whole new light.
Kamila was a great guide, very knowledgeable and a very calming influence.

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